What I know Now: Advice for Incoming Freshman

What I Know Now: Advice for Incoming Freshman

by Haley Ramirez




Hannah Zimmerman is a student at Stephen F. Austin State University. She is closing in on her freshman year and has some tips and advice for incoming freshman.

Study, Study, Study

Studying is so important to do. Most students recall not having to study much in high school and passing with flying colors. College is a different story. You will find yourself pulling an all-nighter for a yoga class. I’m not laughing. This is a great tip because incoming freshman won’t realize this right away until the aftermath of not studying for a test. Sometime’s you have to learn for yourself but if you are an incoming freshman reading this, you should consider Zimmerman’s advice and study, study, study. Zimmerman also points out that professors can tell if you studied for their class and that can indefinitely affect your grades.


Photo of Hannah Zimmerman captured by Haley Ramirez

Get Involved

Zimmerman’s second piece of advice was to not waste time waiting on getting involved. She pointed out that since college is a whole new experience many students think to wait a semester or so to first get adjusted. This can be a good idea but at the same time you will only have one college experience and making it the most is just as important. Getting involved by joining campus organizations or groups can be a good way to meet new people. Most incoming freshman don’t know many people or anyone at that. Getting involved, especially the first semester or year, is an opportunity to easily meet new people and friends. And it’s fun! Your education of course is the main purpose for attending SFA; however, it is important to have fun and enjoy your time there , it will go by before you know it. It can also be something you do and participate in that you can do your entire time in college and become something you are proud to have been a part of.


Handling New-found Freedom

The transition from high school to college is a huge adjustment for anyone. Living at home with your parents and going to school where you are told what to do all day long, all of the sudden is no more. Overnight you become soley responsible for yourself and your actions. This sounds appealing and it is, but with this new-found freedom do not forget your responsibilities and why you are at school in the first place. The sudden freedom can cause some students to get distracted from the purpose. Zimmerman’s final advice stems from this same tip, to be aware that the freshman fifteen is real. It’s a “myth” among all colleges and universities; however, it is reality. It may not affect all, but it can happen to anyone. Freshman fifteen targets those who get too excited with their new freedom. “Like if you wanted to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you could,” Hannah exclaimed. She also recommends to utilize campus resources such as the gym.

Hannah Zimmerman is an SFA student who is finishing her freshman year. She shared some tips and advice to the next group of incoming freshman, on some things she has learned her first year. These are things she knows now and wishes she had known then. She hopes any incoming freshman reading this, take in to consideration all of her shared advice.


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