There’s a New President in Town

There’s a New President in Town

By Audra Bridges
May 4, 2017

Student Government Association held elections for next fall’s executive board positions and senatorial positions this past week and replaced most of the executive board positions.

This year’s election had a 50 percent increase of student interaction than last year. Jessie Jenkins is the new president with Nikki Wood, the vice president, at her side. Jessie says there is no bad blood between her and the opposing running mates who lost. “We sat down before we even knew the election results and we were like, we want to work together no matter what.” Jessie plans to change the cafeteria hours and the library hours to make both buildings more accessible to students.

About Student Government Association

Student Government Association, or SGA, is an organization on campus that works in the interest of students. They want to make sure that the student voice is heard and understood. They have worked hard for over 70 years to pass bills and legislation that directly affects the student body. Recent resolutions they have passed on campus include the building of the Recreational Center, updates to the student center, the painting of the Purple Haze section in the football stadium, partnering with the University Police Department to get better lights on campus, and the tobacco ban on campus. SGA is made up entirely by students and ran by students for the students. SGA member Malachi Mack said, “I joined SGA because I was really looking for a place that could positively impact the student body.” Their website’s purpose statement is: “The purpose of Student Government is three-fold: to be the voice of the student body at SFA, to serve as a model government (with its Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches) and to foster leadership development.” 20170504_132418

Using Their Voices

Sergeant at Arms, Marcelle Cook said, “If you want to help your fellow students, then join SGA.” As a member of SGA you can propose legislation that will actually change things on campus. Cook said, “If you want to change the system, you change it. So I joined SGA to change things.” Even as a Senator for SGA, you can propose new legislation and be a part of teams who create bills. Garcia said, “Just like our model you know, we strive for personal excellence. So you become a better person for SGA, for your student body, for your community, and for yourself.” Jenkins wants the student body to know “SGA has a lot more power and money than people think.” She wants organizations on campus to feel comfortable asking SGA for help accomplishing things.

Leadership Opportunities

One bonus of joining SGA is for leadership opportunities. You get to work with people who are influential in higher education who can help you strive towards your goals and be successful. It’s an opportunity to grow as a leader. Students can start as being part of the governing body and move up to an executive position. Students get the opportunity to be a part of the election process, develop legislation, and be the voice of the students who are not heard.20170504_132342

A Model Government

SGA is fashioned in a traditional form of government with the three primary branches: the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial. Each branch plays a vital role in the overall health of the organization. Just like in congress, the three branches carry out checks and balances. SGA students travel to our state capitol and meet with their state representatives and senators to learn from them more about the political process in Texas.

Looking for Students to Join

Student Government Association is searching for dedicated leaders to be associate justices and fill vacancies. Garcia said, “We are always looking for people to join SGA. We want to hear your voice. We are here for the students, so what better way to join then as a student and have your voice heard.”  Associate Justices are a vital part of the student government. The Judicial Branch is a part of the Supreme Court and presides over the student traffic court. It also serves as a presiding body to interpret the SGA Constitution in cases of organization conflict. To answer the call and be considered pick up, complete, and return a vacancy application to the SGA Office BPSC Room 3.204​.




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