Stay Classy Event

Stay Classy Event

Jameca McDonald

April 28, 2017

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 About the event

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, WOV leader, Latrice Alexander hosted the “Stay Classy “event in the Tiered room, on the second floor of the Baker Patillo student center. The program was for both men and women and was held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The admission was $ 3 a ticket. Alexander opened the program with a self- introduction and explained why she created the event. She spoke about her past, her attendance as a SFA student, and her future.

During the program different segments were produced throughout the night that represented motivation; such as listing five points to project about life and four words to live by. The four words of the night were educate , motivate, elevate, and empower. The entertainment of the evening had two singers sing about motivation. Star Jackson sang “weary”; this song relates to the constant divide of the world. John Singleton sang “why I love you” to tie in how important self -love is. Two items were passed out during the event to the audience. These two items symbolized different representations of life. The items were A wooden stake and a rough round piece of wood. On both items , Alexander asked the audience to write down their fears on the rough wood, and on their stake write down something inspirational. She chose these two items because the rough piece of wood represented the rough part of life that stops individuals from conquering adversity. The smooth stake represents that life can be at “stake” if you don’t try. At the end of the night; Alexander presented her crew and specific audience members with honorary awards.



Why the event was created

Alexander created the “Stay Classy” to inspire individuals to invest in themselves. “The program was meant to educate, motivate, elevate and empower” she said. Alexander had five steps to life she spoke about that night. The five steps were: Guard your thoughts, surround yourself with people who motivate you, be confident in all you do, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and be a happy giver. The first step is to guard your thoughts; “This is a very specific action to take because your mind is a powerful thing and can create great ideas” Alexander said. The second step is to surround yourself with people that motivate you. This step stood out to audience member Melissa Harriot; because she feels in life the people you surround yourself with can change your energy. Step three and four stood out to Alexander the most; these are the two things she struggled with before creating the event. Step three is be confident in all that you do. “ I literally had to reset my mind in order to follow through with this idea, and I am very happy that I did” Alexander said. The fact that Alexander took her own advice, made the audience truly grasp more to her words. Step four is be comfortable with being uncomfortable. “I chose this topic because I know in life as humans we get uncomfortable, but most of the time that comfort stops us from accomplishing our goals in life” Alexander stated. She tied it all in with the last step Being a happy giver. She believes that giving willingly will come back full circle in receiving. Alexander really wanted to empower people to think outside the box with this event. She hopes to turn this program into an annual movement at SFA and in her career.


About Latrice Alexander

Latrice Alexander is a student at SFA. She will graduate the 16th of May. She is an active member of Women of Virtue. She is a huge advocate in education. She aspires to be a motivational speaker and an event coordinator. In her spare time, she is a mobile mentor and a substitute teacher. “I try to choose everything wisely, I put a lot of thought into my passion” she stated. In her program, she mentioned she lives by the four words: educate, motivate, elevate, and empower. Alexander told her story because she loves connecting with individuals. She hopes to have multiple motivational programs in her career.  For more information about “The Stay classy” event or Latrice Alexander visit her at [email protected].


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