2017 Spring Teacher Fair is Coming Up

By Jordan Chaffer




In just a couple of days, May 5th 2017, Stephen F. Austin State University will be holding a Spring Teacher Fair. This job fair is designed to get students who are interested in educating students to connected with different schools and districts. This will be happening from 9:30a.m.-Noon. It will be held in the H.P.E complex gym.

What do Students think of the fair?

SFA students Joshua Warner and Jessica Smith were asked to comment on the job fair, and how they felt about going to the event. Jessica is a Education major, while Josh is a Kinesiology major, who is exploring his options of becoming a teacher. Both of them are excited to attend Friday’s event.

“I think it’s going to be a really good thing to get my foot in the door” said Smith. She has recently changed her major, and believes the job fair is an excellent place to start.

“I am looking for a job in my field obviously, but the teacher fair is a really good way to network…and get to know different people.” Said Warner.

What should you bring to the fair?

men suits


Professional Attire is required for the event. Have to dress to impress potential future employers! The Center for Career and Professional Development has a free  career closet for those who do not own any professional attire.  Student ID’s and resume copies are also good to have.


The Spring Teacher Fair of 2017 will be held at the Norton H.P.E complex gym. Remember, this is a free event. That is why it is important for SFA students to take advantage of this deal, especially those who are education majors.

Lauren Smith explains she thinks “It’s a good idea for students to come to the job fair if they are even weary of their current major.”

The job fair is not only an opportunity for education majors to get jobs, but as Lauren says, anyone can check it out to see if that is the path they want to take in career advancement.


The following are links that can help you gather more information on the job fair:

The flyer

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