Finals, We Haven’t Missed You

McKenna Robertson

Friday, May 6th, 2017 

Stephen F. Austin State University’s 2017 spring semester is quickly coming to an end and for many students that means finals are right around the corner. With dead week beginning on Monday, May 1st and lasting until Friday, May 5th students all around the SFA campus are preparing for the week to come.

What Are Finals?

Final exams are typically the last major grade a professor will assign for the ending semester and in most cases, is a crucial grade for many students. Final exams can vary in form and range anywhere from written tests and essay’s to presentations and projects.

SFA Senior Megan White has been preparing for finals this dead week and hopes that she will succeed in her endeavors of “acing” all her exams. As a senior, finals can cause added stress as they contribute to students overall GPA’s which are important in assisting students in eventually finding jobs.

“It’s been a long dead week already. I have four finals next week and any college student knows that means stress, stress and more stress,” White said. “I am really hoping to ace all of my finals, it would be nice to make a good grade on them. That’s why I’ve been studying so hard, trying to end the semester with a bang.”


SFA Dead Week

It is not uncommon for many major universities to cancel classes the week before dead week. Although SFA has chosen to not partake in this, teachers do reserve the right to cancel class and are limited in only reviewing material taught prior to dead week or added to their syllabus in advance. Students commonly share the idea that SFA should jump on the bandwagon of canceling classes the week before finals. Typically, it is not uncommon for SFA students to be found in the Steen Library late hours of the evening to prepare for their upcoming exams.

SFA Junior Derrienne Schultz has an opinion about dead week and believes that classes should be canceled so students have more time to prepare for their many exams in the week to come.

“These classes are very stressful,” Schultz said. “I feel like the dead week were supposed to have really should be dedicated to studying for finals rather than going over material.”

Study Tips

With newer technology emerging every day, students are finding it easier to share notes and quiz themselves with online applications.

Websites such as Chegg, Quizlet and SparkNotes are widely known for helping students understand material, study the material and perform better on tests. In fact, Quizlet allows students to add information to their own materials such as specific teachers, classes and universities which allows more SFA students to find information more relevant to them.

White utilizes these websites and credits much of her success to studying online.

“I love Quizlet! Everything I do is on Quizlet. From making flashcards to practice online tests, it really has it all. I am the kind of person that learns visually, by looking at things and by making those flashcards online and then constantly looking at them throughout the day I really do feel prepared for my test,” White said. “If you’re not on Quizlet already, you should definitely consider checking it out!”

Aside from online applications to help students study, there are several hacks that can help college students sit down and study their written notes.

“As for other tips, I think that being grounded really is key to a good study session. It’s so easy to get distracted but sitting in a quiet room with your phone off and a snack and water next to your desk is honestly underrated. You have everything you need right in front of you so you can’t make excuses to get up and leave,” White said. “I’ve heard of people putting gummy bears over paragraphs they have to read and once they read that paragraph they reward themselves by eating the gummy bear. It may sound silly but who knows it actually could really work!”

So, Jacks study hard and ace those finals and of course, Axe ‘Em!


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