A College Girl’s Guide to Finals

A College Girl’s Guide to Finals

By Jaycee Eastman

Friday April 21, 2017

A College Girl's Guide to Finals

A College Girl’s Guide to Finals

Finals are bittersweet. While they bring sleepless nights and long study sessions, they also signify the end of a semester.


If you haven’t began preparing for finals, here are some easy tips to help you get started from Natalie Conway, a Stephen F. Austin State University nursing major, who will be attending UTMB in the fall.

Prepare in Advance

For any major, it is important to prepare for finals before the finals. Conway creates a study schedule two weeks prior to finals. Not only does she prepare for finals mentally, she also prepares physically.

“For two weeks before my finals I like to try to go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and no later.”

By setting aside specific study times, and training your body to get an adequate amount of rest, you can help your body prepare to ace your finals.

Form Habits That Fit You

Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual learners, while others prefer to read or write out the information. No matter what way you learn best, it is important to adapt your study style to match.

Some of Conway’s study habits include “talking out loud to (herself) and writing things over and over again on a white board.”

She also begins studying early so that she will have time to understand the material.

“I dissect my book and make notes,” Conway said. “Then I simplify those notes. I make flash cards, or a poster board or flow charts depending on the material.”

If you find study habits that fit your learning style, you’ll be surprised at how much information you retain by the time you take your finals.

Get in a Routine

Everyone has off days. If you are like me, you’ve probably waited to study for finals until the night before at least once. Conway gives great advice for revamping your study routine this semester.

“Make a study plan and stick to it,” Conway said. “I make sure I have plenty of sleep, and give myself nice breaks in between studying…and having study chocolate can’t hurt.”

By making a plan, sticking to it and taking care of yourself in the process, studying won’t be so dreadful. Not only does a routine reduce stress, it helps you stay focused the weeks before finals.

Focus on the Future

Not only is studying important to making good grades, it also is vital to graduating and getting a job. By studying you are insuring that you are one step closer to graduation, and the rest of your life.

If we see finals as one step closer to our futures, studying gains new meaning. Conway attributes 100 percent of her success to studying, and knows it is a huge part of her future career.

“If I didn’t study then I wouldn’t know anything about the human body,” Conway said.

Conway will be attending UTMB in the fall to continue her nursing degree. Her discipline and motivation are characteristics that will carry into her career as a nurse.

Tips for Success

Tips for Success

No matter what your degree is in, you can take away stressful study habits and replace them with habits that make studying easy and pain-free.

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