The Photo Craze

(L-R) J.Cole Photography displays her black and white work, while M.A. Photography displays a couple she shot.

The new emergence – the photo-shoot craze .

Graduations, self-portraits, newborn photos, weddings, prom, a child’s first recital, everything now of days are captured behind a lens. In a world that’s based on image more than inner beauty, of sometimes we lose sight of what matters the most; self. Documenting two student photographers here on campus, I learned that there is quite a bit of passion with photography.

Rosebeth Akharamen

Rosebeth Akharamen, 22, senior, a Health Sciences major and Child development minor from Houston, Texas shares her experience with owning a DSLR on campus.

Owning her first DSLR professional camera in the winter of 2009, Rosebeth became fascinated with the art of photography. At the mere age of 19, she was in and about, snapping photos of different events around campus. One in which was with Fonzworth Bentley, a musician and author who worked and assisted for music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs. That event was hosted by the Multicultural Center back in 2010. He talked about success and how important it is to get an education while were young.

“That was one of the biggest projects, I’ve ever done.” She states.

Owning a Canon DSLR camera, she knew right away that a Canon would be her first choice. “I already owned a Canon point and shoot so, me choosing a Canon DSLR wasn’t hard at all.” Akharamen said.

Gradually working her way with cameras Akharamen’s first camera was one from Walgreens, she talks about how she hated it due to the low quality. “I hate it! The quality was so low…I don’t even remember the name of it.”

“The Canon I decided to try out a camera with a long zoom so I received the Sony Cyber-shot.”Over the course of receiving her DSLR camera, she received a Canon Power shot and Sony Cyber-shot.

There are many areas of photography you can go into, from fashion editorials to studio portrait work or even nature photography. But one area that has sparked her interest would be graduation shoots; she finds enjoyment in making her clients happy.

“It has been a great experience especially since I never thought people would be asking me to take their pictures in the first place.” She continues. “Graduation season is great for me… I guess some people do like my work so they hire me.”

Although she’s taking one day at a time, she’s unsure if photography might be the big-deal breaker for her. Stating that taking her time is what she’s dwelling on right now. “Who knows what my future holds I’m taking it one day at a time if the Lord wants me to do this then he will put it to action.”

Akharamen loves working with DSLR cameras, stating that she loves the professional look of the overall photo is enough satisfaction for her.

“DSLR is more of an advancement to pictures; you get more focus and an overall different view of your subjects. Whereas point and shoots are your basic eye level cameras they take nice photos for your basic needs.”

Working with students can sometimes be a bit overwhelming she states, but that doesn’t stop her love for taking photos of special occasions.

“I love the advantages that come with students which are taking photos of sentimental moments caught.” She continues, “I can also explore the city of Nacogdoches, the wild life is beautiful and in plus this gives me a much needed time to practice.”

Displaying several advantages to taking photos on campus, she also explains the not-so-worthy side of campus photography.

“When dealing with the business there are a lot to consider, between how much to charge, explaining the fees and having people who actually understand why things are priced the way they are.”

“For now, I just do a basic rate.” She explains.

“I charge $85.00 for 15 different poses and if the client likes a few more I may just give them the poses at no extra charge. Usually they can ask for more or less though. They get 2 to 3 dress changes depending on the shoot and once edited the photos are put on a c.d for them to print.”

M.A Photography is one to definitely remember,  if wanting to do a shoot for graduation or for a special occasion make sure to contact Rosebeth Akharamen for a booking! You can reach her through her facebook! Her website is underway!


Jocelyn Stephens


Investing in a D5100 Nikon camera in February, Jocelyn Stephens, 21, graphic design major from Mesquite, Texas is an on campus photographer with an ambitious drive that is un-like no other.

Owning a Nikon L100 previously, the interview went rather short and quick with her knowledge of photography and dealing with the SFA student body.

When asked on how has taking photos on campus has benefited her business, she quickly states, “It helps with the word of mouth,” she continues, “This isn’t a giant campus, so my clientele increases over time.”

From taking professional graduation shoots to the residents of Nacogdoches, Jocelyn’s photography skills and efficiency is well-known around town. Her cool shades of angles and clear vibrancy of each shot, steers her photography career into full-drive. But luckily, she states that photography isn’t something she’s planning to make a career out of.

“It’s not something I’m aiming to make a career out of, but if it does happen, I am interested in fashion photography for magazines and even Victoria Secret fashion shows.”

Having experience with Fashion N Motion past shows, Stephens knows quite a bit about taking fashion photography. This semester, she actually joined the show—her, a model.

“DSLR’s requires the photographer to look through a viewing frame, while a point and shoot only requires you look at a screen while taking a shot. DSLRs aren’t as compact as point-and-shoots.” Knowing every bit about a camera, Stephen continues.

“This definitely is not my last camera purchase. I believe a true photographer should experience all realms of photography, including equipment. In the near future I want to purchase an external flash and light.”

A photographer at JC Penny Portrait Studio, Stephens knows a bit about the studio life photography. Working with babies, marriage clients and most of the time children, she knows quite a bit of everything— very hands on.

Her rates depend on the type of shoot and location, prices start from $40 down to $300, depending on what you want. J. Cole Photography is one to put on the list of things to do if youre in the Nacogdoches area. In the process of building her website with her artwork and photography you can reach Stephens through her Facebook!


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