Attending concerts the SFA way

In order to go to a good concert as an SFA student chances are you’re in for a long commute. But for a vast group of SFA students it’s totally worth it. Justin Ikpo went to see the Black Keys in Houston last Tuesday at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion.

Justin said  “I wish the concerts were closer but if you want to see the big bands you have to make the drive”. He also was willing to give plenty of tips on how to be a responsible concert gore on school nights while keeping it on a college kid budget.


Plan Ahead

Justin uses a feature on that alerts him to when and where his favorite bands are playing well ahead of time. It’s called my TICKETMASTER. It lets you provide a list of favorites and makes suggestions based on your favorites, always providing a steady list of concert opportunities to your email. He also listens to the radio for pre-sale info. Justin says” it’s best to get you’re ticket early and during a pre-sale for the best prices and selection”. Once he finds out about the concerts he starts rallying friends that would want to attend the concert as well and making arrangements for carpool and splitting gas. “It’s important to get a car with good gas mileage and space so it’s cheaper to split up the gas money”,said Justin


Check your schoolwork


Once he finds out about the concert and when it is, Justin makes a conscious effort to make sure he stays ahead of his workload and doesn’t have any surprises come the day of the concert. Luckily all he had prior to The Black Keys was a test, which he got out of the way ahead of time. Justin admits to being a “procrastinator” and says, “Attending concerts in Houston and Dallas actually helps me get his homework done ahead of time. It’s like a reward system”.


Be prepared on concert day


When it finally comes to concert day in order to make it Houston or Dallas on time for the concerts, which usually begin around 7 or 7:30. Justin says, “it’s important to have a everyone on the same page and a meeting place established”. The person driving arrives at the meeting place with a full tank of gas and the car cleaned out. Everyone has to make sure they’re ready and went to the bathroom. “It’s kind of like a family road trip” Justin says “making sure everyone is situated and doesn’t need to stop. Then its time to hit the road everyone brings cash from parking, gas, and anything they want to buy at the concert.


Know your venues


Justin says it’s key to have at least one person in the group who’s been to the concert venue before. That way “you know where to park have a general idea of the restaurants and seating situation.” When Justin went this past Tuesday he made sure to bring a blanket for the lawn seats at the pavilion. He says, “ I would like to be closer but you can’t beat the price of lawn seats”. They range from 20-50 dollars and can sometimes be bought in packages. You can bring your own chairs or blankets and it allows for a more relaxed setting than regular seating.


Have fun and get back on time


Once the concerts over it’s time to buy t-shirts and get everyone to the car. Justin says, “t-shirts are a key part of the experience it’s like a trophy to bring back to Nac”. Then it’s just a matter of getting back to SFA in time to get a little sleep before school the next day. You can see a video from the concert here.


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