Study Buddy Guide.

It’s that time of year where there is on thing on the minds of the SFA students. DEAD WEEK! Students are getting ready for finals and finishing up for graduation. College is just about done for those that can see the graduation stage infront of them and is only beginning for those who have just started out. There is a series of things that one can do to prepare for finals. I have compiled 5 ways for an SFA student to prepare for those dreaded finals.


First things first, you need to plan your schedule right. Just spend a few minutes writing down everything you need to do in your calender. Make sure to pencil everything in, from doing laundry and sleeping to writing papers and studying. Keep track of your time the best you can. Even though earlier in the semester you might have been able to drink four Red Bulls and eat a bunch of candy inorder to pull an all nighter,  but that doesn’t mean you should do that during finals. You really need to be able to breath and just focus and relax.


Tip number two is you need to set reasonable expectations for yourself. Allocate time to sleep, fit in some time to work out, eat well and just find the time to hang out with friends. You need to let your brain rest inbetween studying. Just mentally check out for a while to reboot your personal system.


Third tip is take care of your physical self. You can’t dominate that chemistry final or communication final if you’re not getting enough sleep. When you don’t get sleep that can lead to catching colds and when you catch a cold you don’t want to do work, like wash clothes. This then leaves you smelly and uncomfortable. Then no one will want to study with you. If you treat your baby good during dead week in preperation for finals, it will return the favor and be there for you. Will you get the actual amount of sleep that you would like? Odds are no. But you can get enough so that you can be mentally sharp for you exams. Take a long hot shower or bath. Play so soothing music on your ipod, eat choclate or lay in a hammock. Allow yourself room for the little things that can really make a big difference in the long run. You need to feel at your best inorder to do your best.


Fourth thing you have to do is eat well and get exercise. When your pressed on time from studying and rushing off to finish that last paper or test, eating right and exercise are the first things that get left in the dust. Eating greasy Taco Bell or fatty McDonalds might count as food but it doesn’t hold up in the nutrition department. You need to eat a good breakfast, a respectable lunch, small snacks and a smart dinner. You don’t need to go to a doctor to understand what your body needs. Even sending 30 minutes a day walking around campus can do wonderful things for your physical and mental health.


And fifth you need to utilize the resources that are available to you. SFA offers free tutoring for any and all students who need help in the library called the AARC. You don’t have to be failing or be on academic probation to use the campus resources. You can take your papers to the campus wrting center to have someone look it over before you submit it. You can also check with your teachers to find out if there are any study groups forming for that class that you can join.


And finally if your resident’s hall is too noisy, you can always head over to the library. Just because you camp out in the library doesn’t make you a nerd; it makes you a smart college student who is for the best possiable out come for finals.


Daria Ricks on studying for finals


So with dead week coming to an end and the final are poking their head out of next week, follow these steps and ensure yourself a victory over your test. “And may the odds be ever in your favor”.