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More Bucks for Starbucks

As the semester comes to a close, stress runs high. Students staying up later and later to study more with finals right around the corner. Drinking coffee helps fuel me when only functioning on a few hours of sleep. While sitting in one of my mid-day clases, I could feel my early morning buzz begin to fade. It was time for a coffee emergency. Rushing into Starbucks, I ordered my usual tall, white chocolate mocha. Whatever energy I had left made my body anxious for the caffeine. When it finally reached the moment I was handed that glorious cup, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My once shining, beacon of hope had withered to a miniscule cup of coffee. Since when did 12 ounces seem so incredibly small?

I speculated that the cups had to be smaller. I was so sure, in fact that I needed to test it. After the dreary day of classes had ended, I went home to seek the truth. I poured 12 ounces of water in a measuring cup and poured it into the Starbucks cup. To my surprise, every drop filled the cup to the top. No more and no less.

Quickly afterward, I searched online to seek further truth. Maybe the cups had become skinnier in shape and it just felt different in my hands. Several other searches came up where people were asking if the cups had gotten smaller. The general conses is they haven’t changed size, but prices instead. Starbucks prices have risen a little bit every year since 2010. It’s not just Starbucks that has had to raise their prices either, the price of coffee beans has gone up signifcantly. This is due to the bad weather in areas where coffee beans are grown. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you may have noticed even buying coffee from the supermarket to make it yourself isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

The economy getting worse makes it harder to get a decent cup of coffee. But if most coffee drinkers are like me, they will continue to shell out those few extra bucks just to get their daily jolt. It certainly helps perk me up and keeps me going. I will continue to get my white chocolate mocha from you, Starbucks because it is sinfully delicious. Perhaps I as I grow older I will have to change my regular size from tall to grande.