Healthy Living, Healthy Life

Healthy Living, Healthy Life

Just the thought of moving is enough for Jessica to call off all leaving plans, but a healthy reminder fixes those immediate thoughts and a one-way flight to New York City is where Jessica Ibekwe will be dropping off her luggages for good.

For Jessica Ibekwe, 21, a senior from Sugarland, Texas her initial plans were to pursue nursing, with pressure from her parents and taking classes that no longer interest her, but she decided to switch things up and go for the route she always wanted—Nutrition and a emphasis in psychology.

“I come from a family that’s strict on education, my parents wants what’s best for me,” Said Ibekwe.

Nigerian natives, Ibekwe’s  parents moved to America to pursue the American Dream, of the white picket fence, the happy home and educated children. Firm believers in having a strong foundation in education, Ibekwe knew it was more than just convincing her parents about her change and move to the “big apple” She had to show them.

“African parents play hard when it comes to the future of their kids.” She says. “I’m first generation in a foreign country to them, so everything that I do here is crucial. My parents want the best, something that they never had.”

Education is important in the Nigerian household, from the major down to the year of graduation; everything is taken into consideration when dealing with African parents. Striving for something that they never had the opportunity to get, education by far is one of the hardest topics to debate with them about.

“I just broke it down to them; I told my mom my plans and told her that I was moving to New York City.” Jessica said. “I know I wouldn’t expect much but disapproval, but this is my life. My career, my choice. I didn’t see them living my life for me in the future either.”

Nutrition became her major her sophomore year, psychology came second. “I found my calling; I never knew I could ‘be so happy in something that I have interest in. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this major.” She states.

Ibekwe wants to start a healthy, upscale eatery for the health conscious. The initial name for her well thought-out upscale restaurant was going to be called “Dante’s’” due to the love she has for her dog, but after much thought about where she would want the first restaurant to be, she changed it to, “Fresh Fits”. The LA plan is where the first restaurant will be up and running.

“I decided to place the first restaurant in Los Angeles because in Hollywood, they’re fascinated with being healthy. Everybody is concerned with how they look, and what other way is there to push healthy eating at a decent restaurant.”

Already making plans on what types of food she will serve, Jessica’s plan is to one day expand to many other states, including her own home state, Texas. “Texas is one of the fattest states–everything we eat is either fried or stacked with double cheeses,” she states. “But with my plan, I plan on changing our eating habits for the better, for a healthy life.”

Her plan is life-changing. “Just by eating healthy alone, you can do wonders to your body. That’s all your body needs.” She states.

Ibekwe’s plan isn’t going to happen overnight, but with the help of Californians implementing her idea into full drive she will have her business up and running in no time!  Her plan is simple, by eating at her 500 calorie or less eatery, you’re bound to see results at the end of the week. “With just one change, we can make a difference.” Jessica states.

Faidat Bakare

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