10 Things to do Before You Graduate

Growing up it is common to hear stories about what people did in college. Some are crazy stories, and some are things about what people wish they would have done. There are a lot of new and exciting things to be experienced along the rough road that leads to graduation. For some people it is easy to dive into all of the new things that the college lifestyle throws at them, and for some it may take a little pushing to get them to come out of their shell.

Here is a list of things to maximize the college experience:

  1. Join a club – Joining a club is a great way to make friends with something you all have a common interest for. A good way to find out about clubs is to look around at the posters on the walls of your department. There are always ads floating around with contact information and meeting times.
  2. Make new friends – Do not be shy! There are people from all walks of life on a college campus. Talk to people in your classes, chances are you will share things in common (besides being in the same class). Some of the best friendships are made when you least expect it.
  3. Have a roommate – Having a roommate not only provides company when you do not feel like being alone, it makes things a lot cheaper! For those who do not get help from mom and dad, find someone you can tolerate (there will always be disagreements, there is no such thing as the perfect roommate). “Having a roommate has taught me that sometimes you have to compromise, which is something I am not used to since I am an only child,” said Shelley Gibson, Round Rock senior.
  4. Join a fraternity/sorority – To some people, living the Greek life carries somewhat of a stereotype. While some of those stigmas can be true, joining a fraternity or a sorority opens a lot of doors in the journey of life. “As an active member, and most definitely as an officer, I always told our new guys that you may never have that awe inspiring moment when you stand up and yell ‘This is why I joined a frat!’ Of course you may have those moments two or three nights a week! But most likely down the road at some point when you are updating your resume, you are going to realize: You have more references than are required, that you know how to organize and work a room of 500 people, that you are both Frank Sinatra and Warren Buffet, and that whatever comes your way you have both the physical – and more importantly mental – confidence to take it on, mold its shape, and give it back better and more profitable than before,” said President of Sigma Alpha Mu, Adam Woodson, Boerne senior.
  5. Get a part-time job – Almost all college kids find themselves barely scraping by for cash. A great way to learn a little worth ethic, and some pocket change, is to get a part-time job. There are all kinds of jobs on campus, so check out the student employment office for a list of available positions. Also check out local businesses. A college town like Nacogdoches is always looking for a helping hand… wait some tables or deliver some pizzas, it will definitely teach you how to manage time better. It will also feel good not to have to ask the ‘rents for gas or food money.
  6. Take a Spring Break vacation – Everyone has seen and heard wild stories about Spring Break. This does not mean you should go to Mexico and get thrown in jail because you were trying to wave “hi” on the MTV cameras that were at the party you were at in Cancun… although that would be a funny story to tell the kids down the road! So, organize a road trip with some friends, chances are you might get lost or find a new path… and have fun with your friends along the way.
  7. Try out a new style – If you have ever wanted to step “outside” the box, now is the time. In college, nobody really cares what you are wearing or what color you hair is. Do not be afraid to branch out, shop in a new store and buy some funky sunglasses…you might start a new trend!
  8. Try new foods – A lot of people, especially upon graduating high school, have not been exposed to different types of foods. There are a lot of good places to eat on and around campus that offer really good food…sushi, burritos, crawfish. Also, do not be afraid to sit and eat alone, it will give you a new appreciation for the food you are eating and it will also help you step out of your insecurities.
  9. Date someone who is not your ‘type” – Even though there are far more women on the SFA campus than men, there is still a chance for everyone to make their love life a little steamy. Do not limit yourself to a certain type of mate, keep your eyes open. A college romance can be fun and add a little spunk to your life.
  10. Form a friendship with a professor – Professors are always interesting people to talk to, and are usually there to help you. Share stories and do not be afraid to state your opinion in class, they will probably respect what you have to say (as long as it is in context of the class of course). This is also a good way to earn letters of recommendations and help on your resume when the time comes to find a “real job”.


College is all about “doing something stupid” and learning from mistakes. So stay up late watching movies with some friends, pull an all-nighter and remember to make some memories along the way. Do not be afraid to be yourself… wear a funky t-shirt of the band you secretly love, and do not be afraid to state your opinion in class…part of college is learning not to care so much about what other people think – it builds confidence and character, which is a necessary part of growing up.