Mattress Firm’s search for SFA graduates

Since the mid-1990s, Mattress Firm Co. has partnered with SFA to bring occupational opportunities to Lumberjack graduates. This year is no exception.

Mattress Firm CEO Steve Stagner, who is an SFA alumnus, has focused his efforts to bring recruiters and district managers here to illustrate the career opportunities Mattress Firm provides for students who have recently graduated college.

Erin Lindquist, who graduated from SFA in 2006, is a recruiter who was here to help spread the word about Mattress Firm’s expansion. 

“We are constantly growing,” said Lindquist. “And because we’re growing, we are constantly in need for more people. We have over 730 locations already, but we’re looking to expand into more markets.”

Even though they show promise and opportunity, many students do not know how their majors apply to a retail job. But Lindquist reassures those who have doubts that there is a need for diversity in the retail world.

“We bring back a really diverse group,” Lindquist said. “We have business majors, dance majors, communication majors. We are more focused on performance rather than background.”

Every employee goes through a four to six week self-paced training program before working for a Mattress Firm retail location.

“Even our CEO Steve Stagner started in our foundation starting program,” Lindquist said. “Our program helps tremendously and allows for Mattress Firm to be a stepping stone for your career.”

Students from all majors were invited to an informational seminar at the Rusk Building on Tuesday evening. This seminar showed the company’s future outlook and their plans to advance themselves.

Communication senior Clayton Sullivan attended the seminar and left with some valuable information.

“The meeting let us know what their mission was and what they want to accomplish,” Sullivan said. “They don’t have stores in, I think, about 20 states and they’re looking to expand, so there’s a lot of opportunity there.”

Starting with any company is always a new challenge. Moving up the corporate ladder is something many college students want to do, but sometimes they don’t understand how it works. In the seminar, even this topic was presented.

“You go in at sales, and then they have different levels and you can work your way up,” Sullivan said. “There are a lot of opportunities to build yourself up and get to corporate and start making the big bucks.”

After the seminar, Mattress Firm set up interviews with applicants for Wednesday to see if they were ready and qualified to work for their company. These students will hear back from the company the week before Thanksgiving to find out if they will go to the next step in the hiring process.

But for the students who missed the seminar and interviews this week, Lindquist has good news.

“We’re back every semester, so don’t worry about missing us,” Lindquist said. “This isn’t the last you’ll see from us here at SFA.”