Doing Business with Nana Agyeman

Stephen F. Austin State University Department of General Business

Doing Business with Nana Agyeman

The Department of General Business is an integral part of the College of Business. The department offers a unique blend of diverse courses taught by faculty. Providing quality instruction, scholarly activity, and service to the community, the faculty is committed to student success. (SFA Business Department, 2011)

Nana Agyeman, senior business management major, chose his major to help him prepare for a successful future.

“My plans for the future with my major are to help my family out. We have a wedding planning and event business called Blissful Events. I’m hoping that my theology can coincide with their experience and as a business we can catapult,” Agyeman said.

On a typical day Agyeman balances two management courses and a finance course.

  1. MGT 422 International Management – This course develops students global viewpoint of management. Students learn how to communicate, plan, and motivate as a manager.
  2. MGT 371 Operations Management – This course allows students to use conceptual thinking to produce productive employees in service and manufacturing systems.
  3. FIN 333 Introduction to Financial Management- This course emphasizes the role finance in modern business, with focus on the decision process.

Besides the selection of courses and degree plans SFA’s department of business offers, the College of Business also encourages students to get involved in the business organizations offered through the department.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) are two organizations implored by the College of Business to promote student involvement.

AMA offers specialty conferences, one day hot topic seminars, workshops for resumes, and helps students to long-term professional development. Members involved in AMA provide free resume evaluations to all students on campus. There office is located on the third floor of the business building.

SAM is for the general manager. This organization emphasizes the conceptual viewpoint of the practicing manager, who needs to oversee the overall picture. SAM members get the opportunity to take field trips to varies management conventions in Texas, where the students gain experience and network with professionals.

Nana Agyeman is the president of SAM for the 2011 – 2012 school year. As the president his duties include.

  • Accepting member applications
  • Organizing group meetings
  • Keeping members informed about upcoming events
  • Practicing superior leadership skills
The Department seeks to promote interpersonal and team skills applicable to a diverse workplace. Professors encourage logical and critical thinking, to integrate relevant business technology. The goal is to help students make effective ethical and legal decisions in a global environment. The department strives to achieve these goals through a combination of effective teaching, relevant research, and meaningful service to the profession and the community. (SFA Business Department, 2011)

On top of school and organizations, Agyeman is employed by the business department to be a student instructor for a SFA 101 class. Agyeman’s main duties as a student instructor are to help the professor manage class attendance, build student retention rate by creating power point presentations with tips to help students study and learn effectively, and answer student questions.

Mercedes Brown, a freshman business major, said in class, “Many of the students in this class are curious to learn more about the profession world, and what we can do now to prepare ourselves for the future?”

Agyeman responded, “In a professional environment, business is conducted to gain the greatest output for the least amount of input. I’m a firm believer of applying education to daily life. If you learn something in the classroom and don’t apply it then the information learned is pointless. The best thing you can do for yourself now is to learn as much as possible and eventually apply that knowledge in the business world.”

The motto for the Society for Advancement of Management is “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” That is the motto Agyeman says he keeps in mind every day.